Image one of those mornings that come after a short night and a long beer. The sky is gray, the wind blows and the most attractive thing in the world is that cuboid with mattress you’re still laying in. But you have projects to end, people to meet and you don’t need a bad conscience. So you manage to transport yourself from home to the shared office building you are using lately.

While grabbing some coffee, you realize that something is changed. You almost get out, thinking that while sleepwalking you have mistaken the rooms. And yet, you didn’t. Although you are stepping in a new space. The cozy, familiar meeting room has become a twisted Apple Store.

This is the kind of surprise that Fueled, a cool app developer from NYC is offering at their shared working space. Called Fueled Collective and located in the middle of the Big Apple, aka Manhattan, the office aims to be more than just a physical working environment. It aims to create experiences and to challenge the way people interact at work. One attempt was to invite artist Evan Yee to transform a simple meeting room in an art exhibit. The result was a commentary on startups and tech culture. The irony is that it’s located inside a tech collective.

The way we work changes. And where we work has to change to. A simple office is not enough anymore. Places like Fueled Collective seems to get it.