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We are more and we won't let go!

We are more and we won’t let go!

Time to put an urgent reminder in the calendars of our national leaders!, says Culture Action Europe, which in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation initiated the We Are More campaign. As I told you several times, this campaign want’s to pinch the European politicians for not letting them forget about culture in their fight with the economic crises and the Romanian MCV report. Looks like in...
We are more! But are we 100.000?

We are more! But are we 100.000?

In the new year we want to be more than in 2011! Do not get alarmed and before running home to your partner, find out that we talk here about petitioners, not population growth. The European Cultural Foundation noticed that the world seems to take side of culture and wants, under the presidency of Denmark, to increase the number of the ones supporting the budget for culture...