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"One blue stripe, one pink stripe...". Or about rehabilitation of the Brazilian favela

„One blue stripe, one pink stripe…”. Or about rehabilitation of the Brazilian favela

  …this is one of the lines of the theatre play ”The change”, written by the German author Wolfgang Sréter.  This play took a ride last year through the villages of Transylvania and with the support of two actors and two dolls that they handled has brought in the yards of the modern-materials-and-strong-colours-fans villagers the correct rehabilitation theme. The Foundation Heritas had organized an awareness raising campaign,...
Helsinki calls for ideas!

Helsinki calls for ideas!

If you had the impression that I will let you go in the weekend without any homework, you are gracefully mistaken. Unless you are in Sibiu with eyes wide open and sharpen ears, ready to dive into the International Theater Festival, I feel honestly sorry for you and I give you work to do: a new competition for urban rehabilitation...